Sophie de M.

[Plant Based Wellness & Herbal Healing Retreat]:

Although I could not attend the entire Detox Dandy retreat, I was very excited when I learned it was possible to just go the meditation by the ocean. I had started doing yoga at Shine this past March and was completely hooked, and attended several of Jen’s workshops and monthly meditations. With water being my element (#Pisces), I often wished we could take some of the Shine classes and events to the oceanfronts, so I was very happy when that finally happened. As usual when it comes to Jen and the other Shine teachers, every time I think something just can’t get any better, it does! That Friday afternoon, instead of the stillness, warmth and quiet of the studio, there was the wind, the warm sand, the soothing sound of the waves and the salty smell of algae and water that fills you with life. As I told Jen later, I felt my meditation was even more effective there than at the studio because instead of sitting in silence and struggling to push out stressful thoughts and to-do lists, I made a conscientious effort to push away the sounds of conversations and loud music on the boardwalk and the beach, and was fully able to focus on Jen’s words and let them guide me into a state of inner peace and power. I didn’t even worry about getting a parking ticket when the meditation lasted longer than the time I had paid for in the meter! And if this is any proof of the power of one’s thoughts, I did not get a ticket even though the meter had expired!

Out of all of Jen’s meditations that I had attended, the one by the beach as part of the Detox Dandy retreat was the most beautiful. I left the oceanfront feeling soothed and calm, but also happy, hopeful and powerful. I used to scoff at meditation, but it is such a healing practise and it does help you find the peace that is your natural state. So I obviously recommend Detox Dandy’s retreats and will definitely be attending the upcoming ones!