Brenda D.

Rebekah Detox Dandy is a shining light in our community! She is the thread that binds us all together. She is a connector and a community builder and has helped me meet so many people that have helped me build business for the Heritage Natural Market.

Luvenia H.

Rebekah helped me realize my potential in all areas of personal growth. She’s become a beacon of light in the community and given light to so many peopleโคย  you’re absolutely beautiful!

Johnathan S.

Detox Dandy helped me detoxify my life. Not just food , but relationships and unhealthy thought patterns.

Jeannie P.

Rebekah is pure sweet soul! Enhancing everyone’s life with positivity, awareness, and solutions on how to live your best life! I am fortunate to work with this gem and honored to be her friend. Looking forward to detoxing with Detox Dandy, sharing ideas. As a native latina with our own businesses I am proud to…

Diane S.

Detox Dandy is Wise beyond her years!! She’s truly passionate about helping you shift your mindset by education on how to live a more balanced healthy and happy Life!! I highly recommend scheduling Time with her and learning how to live Life more abundantly!

Mary I.

You’ve encouraged me to embrace self care and to slow down and live a more peaceful life. You’ve helped me to give the same compassion to myself that I strive to give to the planet and to others.ย Perhaps its been a cleanse of the harshness life gave me… Thank you for helping me to see…

Eric W.

[Plant Based Wellness & Herbal Healing Retreat]: I was fortunate to meet Rebekah and a host of other inspiring, thoughtful and motivated people at the July 2018 Health and Wellness Retreat. The knowledge, stories and jokes shared were priceless. I had a blast! I was so grateful and happy for my friend and I to…

Chase A.

[Mineral Monday events]: Events like Mineral Monday have been so valuable to me to not only build my business in term of making direct sells but also connect me with a ton of local people that have shown me a tremendous amount of support. I am extremely grateful for all of you.

Linda F.

[Mineral Monday events]: We went to a mineral Monday and learned and met so many people in the community! Thank you Rebekah Ortiz for sharing!

Justine Ramos H.

I love Rebekah, and how involve she is in her community. I finally got to have the Detox Dandy experience Iโ€™ve been wanting to try. I did both the foot detox and mineral soak. Wow! It was pretty amazing seeing my water change color, and learning all that was coming out of my body. I…