I am so happy to say that I just completed my first month on the Overall Health and Wellness Program and I am down 8 lbs and I feel better than ever. Before coming to see Rebekah, I was struggling to lose weight and the numbers on the scale only kept going up. I felt lost and extremely frustrated as I was maintaining a vegan diet and exercising; I was obviously doing something wrong. All that changed the day I went to see Rebekah at Detox Dandy. From then on, the numbers on the scale continue to go down, my energy has increased, and my mental clarity has significantly improved. Rebekah is extremely passionate about what she does, and I am so very thankful that I have had to opportunity to learn from her.

Rebecca M.

Really enjoyed detoxing and learning from you. I look forward to more learning.

Hattie Pennell R.

Detox Dandy has been a great help when I was going through some health issues. Made some life style changes with the guidance and encouragement from Rebekah!!! Keep up the hard work! #healthforthewin #onlygetonebody

Jordan H.

Such an amazing experience! Rebekah from Detox Dandy was very thorough and answered the many questions I had. I left feeling peaceful and I woke the next day feeling well rested. Thank you, Rebekah & Detox Dandy!

Laura B.

Health and Wellness with grace and care. If you need encouragement on your path to wellness Rebekah is there for you.

Shelagh Durham K.

I have lost sooooooo much weight doing the foot detoxes!! It’s like it sucks all the fat right out of your body!! I also feel much happier and have more energy! Rebekah’s foot detox machine is pure magic!! She also put me on a vegan/oil free diet and my skin is absolutely glowing!! The only problem with “Detox Dandy” is that I didn’t meet her sooner!

Courtney Rollins Z.

I really enjoyed my foot cleanse. Even a day later, I feel like a load has been lifted! I learned a lot on nutrition and the purpose of having this class. I look forward to more in the future!


Cheeta Turner C.

It was a amazing experience Rebecca was soooooo informative and walked us through the process. I’m a sold customer would recommend to anyone and this is now apart of my routine.

Desmond W.

“Ewww Nasty! Now I have your attention. That’s all the toxins pulled out of my feet via an Ionic Detox Foot Soak. My Sweet Sistar Rebekah Detox Dandy has the good vibes for sure. She is knowledgeable in holistic health, and a certified nutritionist. Book your detox with her. It’s irie! I definitely could feel the tingling sensation in my feet. And a refreshed euphoric feeling after. Check her out at Good Vibes Wellness Center Va Beach”

Gene Michael S.

“Thank you for the amazing detox. I have been wanting to try this forever!!! I can’t wait for my next one!”