Today was my 2nd meeting with Rebekah. I’m so excited to have found her on FB. My mental clarity is in such a great place. I am such a knowledge junkie and it has been very refreshing being able to have someone who has more to share ๐Ÿ˜Š I have been Vegan (healthy) for about 10 years. Ive read the books, watched the documentaries and all. However I fell into the โ€œonlyโ€ eating fish lifestyle, accompanied with being a Wino and Craft Beer Lover, over the past several years. Last Thursday at our 1st meeting I made a complete mind shift. I walked away from it all. I accepted the fact that if I wanted all to be right inside and out, then I needed to fix it all. This was a personal conviction for me. Its amazing how just small changes have such a BIG impact. My last 6 days have truly been empowering. Not only is my mental clairty better, the 5 pounds gone and inches are enough motivation to know this is the right lifestyle for me. Thank you Rebekah Detox Dandyfor your passion to help and educate others. I know its a hard job but when people get it, its so humbling. The wealth of knowledge and the tools you provide to/for others is not just a 3 month contract. Its a lifelong asset that will keep us all living the healthy and balanced life that God created us to have and be. I hope everyone is also feeling amazing and growing more and more with their Vegan Lifestyle.

Kendall Fink H.

Every now and then, we will share something about a local business that we use and love. It is so important to help each other be successful, especially animal friendly businesses. Today we encourage ALL of you to check out Rebekah’s website. Our whole family used her products and her detox treatments are the real deal. She is amazing, guys!

My Vegan Sweet Tooth

I know itโ€™s not always about numbers but we all are inspired by what motivates us individually at different times right?ย I started the Overall Health & Wellness plan with Detox Dandy and partial juicing with Crunchy Carrot. Iย weighed myself last Tuesday as my weight start date.

Today Iโ€™m exactly 10.5 down from where I started. The past two days I would loose .2 lbs or .1 and got discouraged. Then I drank more fluids yesterday and went for a mile walk. The energy and better food choices make me feel energized and more balanced!

Tiffanie R.

Listen up, yโ€™all. If youโ€™re on edge about getting the foot detox, DO IT! I struggle with terrible back pain daily. Since my 60 minute detox Saturday I have not had back pain! I actually took my daughter to the zoo today and didnโ€™t once have to sit down due to my back hurting. On top of that awesomeness, the owner is SO sweet and educated. I LOVE that she wants her customers to be educated as well.

Shara M.

Foot detox is a must!! I have done it a few times and I feel a differenceEverytime. Plus dandy is a down to earth person and her energy makes the experience very welcoming and relaxing. Definitely would recommend to anyone and i will be coming back very soon!

Christina B.

The mineral foot soak was soothing, relaxing and had a silky feel with a wonderful fragrance. After results caused feet to feel soft and silky. Recommend anyone to get a 5 Star treatment.

Linda S.

Our experience was very satisfying. Entire staff was professional yet pleasant and knowledgeable. During sessions time was spent explaining what was transpiring and the need(s) to adjust intake to achieve maximum results.

Kirkland S.

I am so happy to say that I just completed my first month on the Overall Health and Wellness Program and I am down 8 lbs and I feel better than ever. Before coming to see Rebekah, I was struggling to lose weight and the numbers on the scale only kept going up. I felt lost and extremely frustrated as I was maintaining a vegan diet and exercising; I was obviously doing something wrong. All that changed the day I went to see Rebekah at Detox Dandy. From then on, the numbers on the scale continue to go down, my energy has increased, and my mental clarity has significantly improved. Rebekah is extremely passionate about what she does, and I am so very thankful that I have had to opportunity to learn from her.

Rebecca M.

Really enjoyed detoxing and learning from you. I look forward to more learning.

Hattie Pennell R.

Detox Dandy has been a great help when I was going through some health issues. Made some life style changes with the guidance and encouragement from Rebekah!!! Keep up the hard work! #healthforthewinย #onlygetonebody

Jordan H.