Lesley W.

[The Detox Spa Experience]: “This is a fantastic experience! Loved it! I enjoyed the Detox Spa Experience last weekend with great results. Very relaxing and I feel great. Bring the spa to you!”

Patricia H.

[Overall Health & Wellness Program]: I weighed myself for the first time today! April 9th will be 3 months. I have lost 53 pounds, not too sure on inches.

Windy A.

[Overall Health & Wellness Program]: Rebekah is a shining light in my life. You have helped me in more ways than I can count. You make me feel better about me and help me to stay mindful in times of doubt and have assisted me in detoxing my life as a whole.

Debra M.

Rebekah Detox Dandy is a powerhouse of a business woman and a compassionate heart full of love. She blesses everyone with her smile and intelligence and passion for our earth and all the creatures on it.

Andrea G.

Rebekah has shared so much wisdom, love, ideas and just plain joy with me. She’s always a connector, and has a special gift of sharing joy and passion. Her enthusiasm is contagious… I want to be Rebekah Detox Dandy when I grow up!

Elizabeth P.

[Overall Health & Wellness Program]: Rebekah’s overall presence is always so calming, Iโ€™ve never felt judged by her and she’s always there trying to help anyone she can and spread so much knowledge! Definitely one of the smartest and most beautiful (inside and out) that Iโ€™ve ever metโœจ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

Paula Fanty D.

[Mineral Monday events]: I love Mineral Mondays! I have met so many wonderful people and I love being in a room full of people who care so much about the community and I have never met anyone here in Va Beach who cares more about people and the community than Rebekah Detox Dandyย ย Hugs!