[Plant Based Wellness & Herbal Healing Retreat]:

I was fortunate to meet Rebekah and a host of other inspiring, thoughtful and motivated people at the July 2018 Health and Wellness Retreat. The knowledge, stories and jokes shared were priceless. I had a blast!

I was so grateful and happy for my friend and I to host two of the workshops. Namely, fermentation and the wild edible plant walk. Thanks to everyone that listened and sampled the teas and kimchiis!

The community needs more time and spaces like this. Huge thanks to Detox Dandy and crew for making it happen! Looking forward to the next one!

Eric W.

[Mineral Monday events]:

We went to a mineral Monday and learned and met so many people in the community! Thank you Rebekah Ortiz for sharing!

Linda F.

I love Rebekah, and how involve she is in her community. I finally got to have the Detox Dandy experience I’ve been wanting to try. I did both the foot detox and mineral soak. Wow! It was pretty amazing seeing my water change color, and learning all that was coming out of my body. I had a lot of yeast built up in my body I’ve been working on for the passed couple months, it was awesome that during the detox my body got some yeast relief. I half to eat after both session I felt energized and slept pretty well.

I am looking forward to taking Detox Dandy nutrition course, to learn more on how I can improve my diet to take it to the next level.

I would totally recommend Detox Dandy for a gentle way of learning about your health and ways to improve it.

Justine Ramos H.

[Plant Based Wellness & Herbal Healing Retreat]:

This retreat was a wonderful way to destress from my everyday routine and build community with other locals who want to improve themselves and the world around them! I loved the nature walk and learning about the Alkaline diet. The instructors are so knowledgeable and genuinely want you to get the most out of this retreat! The best part is that I met some new wonderful friends! This is a great learning experience and networking opportunity!

Casey K.

[Plant Based Wellness & Herbal Healing Retreat]:

I am so glad I went to this retreat. I needed change in my life, and I feel like I came out a different person. I feel healthier physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and I have a more positive outlook on life. Also, I met the most amazing people who I know will be my friends for life!

Jacquelyn G.

[Plant Based Wellness & Herbal Healing Retreat]:

If you are looking to seriously make positive changes in your life. This is a great start…

Meryserket A.

[Plant Based Wellness & Herbal Healing Retreat]:

Although I could not attend the entire Detox Dandy retreat, I was very excited when I learned it was possible to just go the meditation by the ocean. I had started doing yoga at Shine this past March and was completely hooked, and attended several of Jen’s workshops and monthly meditations. With water being my element (#Pisces), I often wished we could take some of the Shine classes and events to the oceanfronts, so I was very happy when that finally happened. As usual when it comes to Jen and the other Shine teachers, every time I think something just can’t get any better, it does! That Friday afternoon, instead of the stillness, warmth and quiet of the studio, there was the wind, the warm sand, the soothing sound of the waves and the salty smell of algae and water that fills you with life. As I told Jen later, I felt my meditation was even more effective there than at the studio because instead of sitting in silence and struggling to push out stressful thoughts and to-do lists, I made a conscientious effort to push away the sounds of conversations and loud music on the boardwalk and the beach, and was fully able to focus on Jen’s words and let them guide me into a state of inner peace and power. I didn’t even worry about getting a parking ticket when the meditation lasted longer than the time I had paid for in the meter! And if this is any proof of the power of one’s thoughts, I did not get a ticket even though the meter had expired!

Out of all of Jen’s meditations that I had attended, the one by the beach as part of the Detox Dandy retreat was the most beautiful. I left the oceanfront feeling soothed and calm, but also happy, hopeful and powerful. I used to scoff at meditation, but it is such a healing practise and it does help you find the peace that is your natural state. So I obviously recommend Detox Dandy’s retreats and will definitely be attending the upcoming ones!

Sophie de M.

[Plant Based Wellness & Herbal Healing Retreats]:

I brought my 14 year old daughter to The wellness retreat in July and we had so much fun learning about healing herbs, eating delicious foods, and meeting a wonderful community of plant based people.

I enjoyed the sound bowl healing session and Kadence loved yoga on the beach with Shine yoga. We had fun learning about Kombucca and it’s health benefits and I’m so excited to see what Rebekah has scheduled for future wellness classes🎉
Our goodie bags are amazing, I’m still using some of the products 😀
Thank you again for inspiring us to live life to the fullest✌🏻❤️🌱

Katie C.

[Mineral Monday event]:

Fun community shout out to Rebekah @detoxdandy Your Mineral Monday event last night celebrating plant based wellness, discounted detox spa and natural beauty at your Holiday event!!! 🎁🧘🏽‍♀️🌿 Also love love to my sis Luv @queen_frequency of @culturecoffeeteabar!🥰🥰🥰. Everyone enjoyed your Sold Out delicious Vegan burgers! 👋🏾🙌🏾. As well We got to shop for gifts from Detox Dandy’s other guest holistic Vendors like Tracy’s delicious snacks n chocolate OMG! And so blessed you were able to raise funds with over $500 in detox spa raffles to benefit Habesha Momma support Ethiopian youths and their families in Ethiopia. 🤩

And my youth home for the College School Break so enjoyed the foot detox and Lesley @balanceisessential! Give thanks you had your Bemer on hand too!👋🏾. Good to have an enjoyable festive evening with our growing community!💗

Sistah Vickie

[Mineral Monday event]:

Had so much fun 😘 Mineral Monday’s are always full of good vibes 🙏🏻 and amazing vendors

Justine Ramos H.