Eye Problems

Eyes need to be nourished properly through health diet, mitigating stress, proper lighting and avoid straining. Nutrients: Bilberry Extract Free form amino acid complex plus glutathione Mineral Complex with Selenium Vitamin B Complex Vitamin C Zinc Herbs: Bayberry Bark Cayenne Red Raspberry Leaves Bilberry extract Eyebright tea SP-23 Eyebright Blend from Solaray contains most herbs … Continue reading Eye Problems

Virginia Beach Farmers Market

Showcasing our products on Saturday Many thanks for braving the cold to support Detox Dandy's naturopathic living practices and our first ever community event. It was true a delight meeting all of you at the craft show--environmentally conscious parents and holistic minis alike! We love being part of a passionate community who endure these sustainability values. Because we are so fulfilled by your shared excitement in … Continue reading Virginia Beach Farmers Market


Usually is a result from infectious bacteria. Herbs: burdock root, olive oil extract, pau d'art, dandelion, milk thistle, echinacea, goldenseal to cleanse the bloodstream, liver and lymph glands Herbal Remedies: Poultice: simmer flax and fenugreek together and mash into a pulp Garlic (natural antibiotic) and kyo-green aid in cleansing the bloodstream Tea tree and eucalyptus … Continue reading Boil

Ear Infection

Nutrients: manganese, vitamin C with bioflavonoids (boosts immunity to fight infection), zinc (reduces infection) Herbs: Alcohol free echinacea extract, ear drops containing garlic, mullein and St. John's wort Olive leaf extract to fight infection Astragalus strengthen's body's resistance to disease Onion poultice Hot compresses; Check out Detox Dandy's aromatic pouches as they can be heated or … Continue reading Ear Infection


Is the accumulation of fluid in between the cell of soft tissue. Swelling often occurs in the face, arms, neck, legs and ankles. Sometimes it is a sign of gluten intolerance. It is an indicator of a profound illness such as liver related problems, congestive heart failure and diabetes. Fluid retention may also be related … Continue reading Edema


Is a lung disease that develops via long term exposure to cigarette smoke, pollution or a toxic environment. Nutrients: chlorophyll (aids in clear breathing), zinc, coenzyme Q10 (antioxidant that enhances oxygen in lungs and aids in removing toxins from the body) garlic (immunity enhancer) B vitamin complex, free form amino acid Herbs: astragalus (Chinese herb to … Continue reading Emphysema