Mineral Monday – Special PROMO

  Our herbal spa therapy SPECIAL is valid for: Herbal Steam Facials, Anti-Aging Clay Masks and Mineral Foot Soaks. Please see Services for full descriptions. Our partnering location is Good Vibes Wellness – 233 16th Street, Virginia Beach, VA. Must book in advance at visibook.com/detoxdandy. In the Spirit of renewed health, -Detox Dandy team    

Detox Spa Services

Detoxification is a process of eliminating toxins and bodily waste that are harmful to your health. It is the first step in working towards a renewed lifestyle. The next step is restoring your body with proper nourishment through your diet, a positive mindset, a cleansed environment and strong relationships. Our website provides educational resources on mindful living, herbalism and … Continue reading Detox Spa Services

Holistic Care for Special Needs Children

Holistic care for special needs children ages 5-18: Vibrant Kids - Sensory & Wellness This program was created to provide holistic care and nutritional recommendations for children of varying special needs: autism including non-verbal, ADHD, down syndrome, aspergers, epilepsy, cystic fibrosis, etc.  I am a Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Practitioner with the privilege to have served many families in New York, … Continue reading Holistic Care for Special Needs Children