Detox Spa Services

Detoxification is a process of eliminating toxins and bodily waste that are harmful to your health. It is the first step in working towards a renewed lifestyle. The next step is restoring your body with proper nourishment through your diet, a positive mindset, a cleansed environment and strong relationships. Our website provides educational resources on mindful living, herbalism and nutrition as a longterm commitment. We encourage you to embrace this lifestyle and to understand that detoxification is an essential and active process.

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Ionic Foot Cleanse ($40 for 30 min / $55 for 60 min) – 


This professional detox system removes toxins and bodily waste that can cause health problems. Your feet are placed in a tub of water and the system’s arrays emit ions to extract toxins through your feet. The toxins color the water to signify the area of detoxification such as liver, gallbladder, joints, etc.

iPulse Tens Unit ($15 for 20 min) – Muscle therapy  and deep tissue massage with the use of TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), this therapeutic technology relieves muscle aches and tension without the need of going to a chiropractor. It’s used for chronic pain, athletic muscle soreness, stress reduction, insomnia, stiffness or tension and more. There are 12 massage modes including: acupuncture, suction cup therapy, kneading, thai & swedish massage as well as athletic massage.

Anti-Aging Facial Mask & Skin Moisturizer ($15) – 


Our bentonite clay mask draws out impurities caught in your pores by absorbing toxins and extracting heavy metals. It also reduces black heads, blemishes and redness. It is mostly known for it’s skin tightening effects to reduce stress lines and wrinkles. After the face mask, our facial skin moisturizer* is applied to balance the alkalizing effect.
*All Organic Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, rosemary and lavender essential oils

Herbal Steam Facial & Skin Moisturizer ($15) – 


We utilize a warming blend of organic herbs and botanicals for a soothing hydration. Our aromatic facials are beneficial for brightening the face and nourishment of the skin, all while working naturally to provide a deep cleanse of your pores. The addition of aromatherapy keeps your mind at peace for long lasting mental clarity.

Mineral Foot Soak ($15) – 


Our mineral salt blend stimulates circulation, promotes cellular regeneration, detoxifies the skin and helps heal dry skin. In addition, it reduces inflammation of the joints, relaxes muscles and relieves soreness. To wrap up the foot soak cleanse, our body wash moisturizer contains vitamin E as well as almond oil and herbal essential oils to detox dead skin cells while softening with organic aroma.

Juicing Workshop ($55) – We explain the benefits of juicing for complexion, detox and weight loss as well as provide you with the best internal cleansing recipes. We make three nutrient and antioxidant packed juices that includes the following: carrot apple spearmint, cucumber ginger celery, beet orange kale

Aromatherapy Spa Set ($40) – 

Citrus Splash 2
Our at-home detox spa kit includes three bath soaps, a mineral salt blend, body butter, body wash and a facial cleanser.

Natural Diffuser (Included in Spa Package) – A combination of air purification and aromatherapy, the diffuser disperses relaxing and mood uplighting scents according the herbal blend you choose. We diffuse Young Living / DoTerra essential oils for air purification, relaxation and aromatherapy.

Monthly Package Rates & Private events –

Interested in a customized private party / detox spa event? Fill out our quick Event Inquiry Form to receive a quote for your special event.

Holistic Care for Special Needs Children

Holistic care for special needs children ages 5-18:

Vibrant Kids – Sensory & Wellness

This program was created to provide holistic care and nutritional recommendations for children of varying special needs: autism including non-verbal, ADHD, down syndrome, aspergers, epilepsy, cystic fibrosis, etc.  I am a Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Practitioner with the privilege to have served many families in New York, Washington D.C. and Virginia Beach.


We strive to help your child with communication, creative activities, music and art therapies as well as adjusting to new routines. Our integrated program provides obtainable and time-bound goals set by you to help your child succeed. We utilize sensory integration techniques and therapeutic care to make your family’s life present and wholesome.

Dietary recommendations are made to improve your child’s behavior, relieve digestive disorders as well as mitigate any external ailments such as eczema, acne and hair loss. We will meet your child’s nutritional needs by addressing sensitivities and allergy-safe products while also resolving any nutrient deficiencies through an adequately balanced diet.

Vibrant Kids will transform your child’s social interactions, enhance communication skills and mitigate repetitive behaviors. Holistic treatments and recommendations may include:
  • Kangen Water Regime
  • Reflexology Specialist
  • Ionic Foot Cleanse Detox
  • Medicinal Herbs for Internal Cleanse
  • Nutritional and Dietary Changes
  • Tracking the Moon Phase Chart
  • Essential oils & Aromatherapy
  • Deep Touch Pressure Technique
  • Suction Cup Massage Therapy
  • Hot Stone Massage Therapy
  • Sensory Integration Techniques

Communication methods for non-verbal clients:

  • Sign Language
  • Ipad Icon Apps
  • Rapid Prompting Method (RPM)
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Floor Time Therapy

Enrollment information

If you are interested in our Vibrant Kids – Sensory & Wellness program please contact us at or 757-563-3567.

We come to your home fully equipped with our detoxification units and holistic treatments to address any therapeutic needs. We offer a free consultation to assess your child’s goals and the recommended number of monthly visits. Program rates will differ accordingly.

General visit ($125/mo): includes 1.5hr weekly visit, nutritional assessment and dietary recommendations, transition process to newly adjusted routine to achieve personal goals set by parents and individualized therapeutic care for optimal wellness

*Price of recommended treatments are not included.

Holiday Gift Baskets

Detox Dandy is ready for Christmas! We’ve got your aromatherapy gift baskets, herbal ornaments, essential oil based soaps-body washes-pouches, candles and mineral salt blends. Self care at it’s finest! We’re taking custom orders for your Holiday needs at


Detox Dandy is now part of the Festival of Wreaths.

All proceeds benefit the Compassion Advocacy Network in Hampton Roads, VA. You may bid on ours at Mangia Qui Italian Bistro – 550 Independence Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA 23462.


Latin Raw Food Demo

Detox Dandy had a FABULOUS time on Saturday with this awesome group for our raw food class! Special thank you to Catherine Wilson Pampered Chef and Courtney Zawisa for hosting.

Stay tuned for our next class featuring the finest vegan chefs of Hampton Roads.

Here are some photos of the interactive demo. Couldn’t have asked for a better crowd, tastier dish and wonderful event!

Virginia Beach Farmer’s Market 9/17

The VB Farmers Market is having their annual Apple Extravaganza & Craft Show!

Detox Dandy is ecstatic to showcase our naturopathic line of vegan, organic body-care. If you haven’t tried our herbal soaps yet- you’re in for a treat!


There will be a full display of our aromatic collection as well as information about our nutrition programs, herbal spa and detoxification services.

Use CODE: DANDELION for 10% off a purchase of $30 or more.

Sustainably yours,
Detox Dandy

Pictured here are: tea tree & clary sage, star anise, soothing sandalwood, eucalyptus evergreen, citrus splash, hibiscus rosemary, lavender patchouli, ylang ylang, and lemon ginger cleanse. #vegan #organic #vegansoap



Detox Series: Diet & Nutrition

Ready to heal your body, boost your metabolism, detox your liver and increase overall mood and energy? Let’s start by evaluating the food you eat.

Your health is your greatest asset, you have got to invest in YOU – our vegan, raw food Make & Take classes are designed to get you craving the highest vibrational and colorful foods. Ya know, food that will truly serve you!

Detox Dandy is jumpstarting our Detox Series: Diet & Nutrition. How we look, feel and respond are all connected to the foods we eat. Each month we will be featuring a local vegan chef whom will share a simple yet nutritious recipe.

Learn about vegan food of all cultures, spices and unique preparation. Pampered Chef host, Catherine Wilson, is providing the kitchenware and will have catalogs available.

This month, Rebekah Ortiz from Detox Dandy will drop exclusive vegan nutritional knowledge while demonstrating this spicy, raw kale soup recipe.

If you’re into raw, seasonal, culturally inspired and flavorful recipes- this is for YOU.

Strings Bar

Facebook event page here.

Cost is $15pp and you will leave with your own latin meal, new skill/recipe, nutritional outlook and a full tummy. Kids are $7pp.

Spaces are limited. Reserve your spot by emailing
1st class: 3pm-4:30pm
2nd class: 4:30pm-6pm

Nutrition Consultation

We offer dietary and nutrition programs as well as single visit consultation at our partnering location Good Vibes Wellness. 233 16th St, Virginia Beach, VA

For booking:
(757) 563-3567.

JUICE CLEANSE JUMPSTARTER ($45/single visit): A personalized guide with nutrient, antioxidant packed recipes to help you explore the benefits of juicing in five areas: detox, weight loss, complexion, nutrient deficiencies and inflammation.

HERBAL REMEDY CONSULTATION: ($45/single visit) Includes assessment of client’s condition in relation to diet and lifestyle. Consultation may include incorporation of herbs for mental focus, insomnia, weight loss, detox, behavioral issues and external ailments such as acne, eczema, etc.

VEGAN NUTRITION PROGRAM: ($65/mo) 60min visit and three month commitment. Consultation includes assessment of caloric intake, a nutritional scan for deficiencies as well as a dietary examination for intolerances. Client will receive personalized diet recommendations based on health and/or weight loss goals. The program focuses on food prep with weekly meal plan, local vegan dining, grocery list and extensive holistic lifestyle recommendations. Includes a total of three 30min follow ups after first visit.

DIETARY GUIDANCE PROGRAM: ($65/mo) 60min visit and three month commitment. Includes initial nutritional assessment, follow ups for optimal results of client’s health goals as well as mindful eating approach for meal and snacking habits. Target goal may be weight loss, healthier dietary habits and mindful eating practices.

OVERALL HEALTH & WELLNESS PROGRAM: ($125/mo) An integrative detox program with emphasis on both diet and bodily health. This includes the complete Vegan Nutrition or Dietary Guidance Program, juice cleanse jumpstarter and a total of two ionic foot cleanses (per month) to assist in removing toxins to promote liver function.


Half Moon Music Festival

Happy Mother’s Day friends,

What a blast at Half Moon’s Spring Festival yesterday!!! Special shout out to all the Detox Dandy supporters and new friends we made.

We sold out on all but three soaps and body butters while celebrating Virginia Beach Mothers with our Detox Spa baskets.

Looking forward to a plethora of upcoming events (calender to be posted soon) as well as to absorb those good vibes and majestic sun rays all summer!:)

Shout out to our ultimate mascot and rock collector pictured on the left with amethyst, selenite and clear quartz. You’re awesome!!! On the right is our new friend Amanda sporting an authentically wrapped Detox Dandy crystal rock necklace.