Herbal Remedies

Detox Dandy offers a FREE and extensive list of herbal remedies as a holistic alternative to a number of ailments from the common cold, back pain or eczema to long term illness like diabetes, arthritis or cancer.

We hope you utilize the following resources included within the herbal Remedies, mindfulness practices, vegan recipes tabs of this site to further educate yourself on proper health as a longterm commitment. We encourage you to embrace this lifestyle and to understand detoxification of your mind, body, relationships and environment as an active process.

In this journey, your ultimate goal should include:

  • Restore your body with full nourishment from herbal plants, fruits and vegetables
  • Rejuvenate your mind from daily emotional stress or any past traumas
  • Renew relationships of those around you and strengthen your current ties
  • Remove any apparent clutter from your home, work and other surrounding environments

Reach out about our Overall Health & Wellness Program to transform your life!

Photo cred: Britt Hall Photography

*We do not advise you to follow our herbal remedies or information you may find on this site in place of any recommendations provided by your physician. 

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