Food Justice, Nutrition and Alternative Medicine


The three major aspects of Food Justice:

  • Access to healthy, locally grow, fresh, culturally appropriate food
  • Living wage jobs for all food system workers – farmers, farmworkers, restaurant, food service, processing plant. . .
  • Closed and localized food systems through Community Control such as farm-to-table, community supported agriculture (C.S.A.), food cooperatives, faith-based initiatives, community organizations

– Chelsea Green Publishing

  1. Food Chains
  2. Truth About Cancer Series
  3. La Cosecha/ The Harvest
  4. How to Feed the World
  5. 16 Seeds
  6. The Garden
  7. Fair Tomatoes
  8. The Price of Sugar
  9. Food Fight
  10. The Hidden Cost of Hamburgers
  11. Food Speculation
  12. A Farmer in Africa: Property Rights
  13. A Place at the Table
  14. Unsupersize Me
  15. More Than an Apple a Day
  16. FRESH, the Movie
  17. King Corn
  18. Our Daily Bread
  19. Soil Matters on the Farm
  20. Soil Our Climate Ally Underfoot
  21. Planning for a Sustainable Local Food System
  22. GMO OMG 
  23. Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death
  24. Forks Over Knives featured on Netflix and Hulu
  25. Ayuverda – Art of Being documentary
  26. Herbal Healing from the Island of Puerto Rico Discussion Clip:
  27. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and (Part 2) featured on Netflix and Hulu
  28. Fast Food Nation
  29. Food, Inc. 
  30. Fast Food
  31. Vegucated
  32. Food Matters featured on Netflix and Hulu
  33. Supersize Me
  34. Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
  35. Ingredients
  36. The Future of Food
  37. Hungry for Change featured on Netflix and Hulu
  38. The Meatrix
  39. The Scarecrow
  40. Taste the Waste
  41. WASTE

For student resources on sustainable food systems, please check out: (


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