Post #1 (2.10.2016) – A poem.

Spirit of the Streams, Sun Shine, and Soils

The Earth was trembling. Could you feel it? The wind was whispering. Could you hear it?

The trees were thirsty. The soil was dry. Then was diligently saved by the tears of the dark blue skies.

Wisdom swirled along with the breeze. Could you see it? How could you not – it consumed all the broken leaves! Yet there was silence. Sadness in the air. Choking, suffocating, swallowing the love and care –of

It, shadows over all. Follows the streams and continues along. Again. It whistles the sweetened rhymes of ol’ fall. The rough tides of a broken shore. Rushing through the ocean floor. But I chose to be taken in no more.


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