Detox Dandy presents our Alkaline Nutrition series

Join us as we cover the basics of plant based eating for sustainable health and wellness. Learn simple nutritional habits that will prevent dis-ease, improve gut health as well as promote vital colon care. In this workshop we'll discuss: Cleansing Recipes and Daily Tips Food Combinations & Balanced Eating Renewed Digestion & Colon Health Vegan … Continue reading Detox Dandy presents our Alkaline Nutrition series

Mineral Monday – Special PROMO

  Our herbal spa therapy SPECIAL is valid for: Herbal Steam Facials, Anti-Aging Clay Masks and Mineral Foot Soaks. Please see Services for full descriptions. Our partnering location is Good Vibes Wellness – 233 16th Street, Virginia Beach, VA. Must book in advance at In the Spirit of renewed health, -Detox Dandy team