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About | Detox Dandy is a fully integrated holistic health business based out of Good Vibes Wellness in Virginia Beach. Our services include nutrition consultation, detoxification treatments and herbal spa therapy. We give back to our community with 10% of proceeds donated to a local nonprofit each month. Check out our Giving Back  page.Copy of l (1)

Detox Dandy seeks to recharge and rejuvenate the mind, body, environment and relationships through our detoxifying units, naturopathic line and aromatherapy. Each month we organize community building events in support of holistic wellness. These include open mic nights, Mineral Monday private spa parties, Alkaline Nutrition & Wellness workshops, mindfulness meditation series, eco-crafting classes, herbal harvesting and more.

Our large selection of holistic body care products are vegan, allergy safe and locally made. They are produced using 100% organic essential oils, are suited for all skin types and do not contain colorants, chemicals or fragrances. We encourage families of special needs individuals to utilize the herbal remedies along with our products that were especially made to support their experiences.

‘Our health is our greatest asset.’ Detox Dandy serves to prevent disease, eliminate toxins and revitalize your life. We would love to help you reach your ultimate wellness path.


Photography by Britt Hall

Rebekah Ortiz | Founder and Certified Nutritionist.

A note: I come from a large Puerto Rican family that values the medicinal power of plants, the resiliency of growing your own food and expressing much gratitude to God for the gifts that we bear.

My journey to a plant based lifestyle began at just 12 years old. I began to explore the connection between what we eat, how we feel and the steps needed to make conscious decisions. The process of growing, preparing and consuming whole foods is an extremely valuable and yet complex system. Today, sourcing ingredients can be difficult due to the industrialization of agriculture.

This is why Detox Dandy is a strong advocate for closed loop communities – a vital component of sustainability. Seek local farmers or dining establishments that provide seasonal, organically grown and ethically harvested foods. By simply localizing your support to nonprofits and small businesses, you promote prosperity throughout your community.  Over a decade of plant based eating has empowered me to pursue this concept.