Detox Spa (At Home Rentals)

We’ve been hearing from our detox regulars about booking appointments post-quarantine. We can’t guarantee our next availability so we’ve created an incredible family experience option instead!

Prioritizing self-care and holistic health measures are important now *more than ever* for building immunity. Our Detox Spa Rental grants you the ultimate relaxation and bonding experience with family members right at home. Book here.

What to Expect:

We provide you a comforting, self-guided experience of full mind-body rejuvenation by using our most popular holistic therapies.

  • Create a spa-like atmosphere in the privacy of  your own home while tuning into our personalized videos to explore the benefits as well as treat your entire family to individual cleanses.
  • Full day access to our detox spa kit equips you with the ultimate wellness tools for the perfect ambiance! It includes the professional detox unit, operating essentials and a self care kit. Detox Dandy provides additional resources via email for spa tunes, plant based recipes and a detox meal plan.
  • Learn how to set up the professional detox unit through our virtual videos that guide you in proper use and treatment with on-call support for any questions.

Perfect for a private celebratory event, family experience, couple’s date night and more. Get started on your detox spa day here!

Option 1 – Detox Cleanse Rental ($135):

  •  Personalized video link by Detox Dandy instructing on set up, the benefits, how to evaluate your water and dietary recommendations

  •  One ionic foot cleanse detox unit for unlimited use for family members (max session is 90min per person)

  •  All detox operating essentials — foot bin, disposable bag, dead sea salt, array, wrist band

  •  Detox Dandy brochure explaining how it works, the benefits and detox chart

Option 2 – Detox Spa Rental ($200):

  •  All that’s above for Detox Cleanse Rental

  •  Personalized video link by Detox Dandy instructing on set up for Mineral Foot Soak and it’s many benefits

  •  Herbal immunity salt and botanical mixture

  •  Organic essential oil based foot moisture

  •  Three foot bins specifically for spa use

*Rentals are one day.

**Pick up is 12pm at VB Hilltop. Drop off is 12pm next day.

***One detox unit per household and can be used for max 90min session for each family member.

**** You may call during your session with any detox and dietary questions related to the evaluation of your foot bin.

***** Must be over the age of 5 and under the age of 65 to use.


Book at and include your cell phone number in the comments. Questions? Email with Subject line: Detox Spa Rentals.


Learn more about the benefits of the ionic foot cleanse detox and mineral foot soak, here


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