Mineral Mondays – Detox Spa Events


Join us for self care and the ultimate relaxation – all of your detox, spa and holistic health needs combined into ONE night. Participants enjoy Vegan snacks and local samples, raffle entries for great prizes and group treatments for Detox Dandy services.

Take advantage of exclusively low rates for detox, massage and herbal spa therapy! It’s a night full of reflexology, aromatherapy, mineral foot soaks, facials, detox juice cleanse, natural beauty, boutiques, professional head-shots, vegan / plant based products and MORE.

OPEN to the public – FREE to attend – ladies, gentleman and kids are all welcome! Photos from past events:


Mineral Mondays used to be private at-home events. Within a year, it has grown into a larger community event – now open to the public and at Good Vibes Wellness, Virginia Beach. These are photos from past home events:

Reach out to detoxdandy@gmail.com for more information about our private detox spa and corporate events!

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