Corporate Self Care

Weave self-care into your work place.

Detox Dandy is proud to provide detox and herbal spa therapy services at your convenience. Our Corporate Self Care packages offer discounted group rates to promote the health and well-being of your employees. The best part is – we come to you! You can detox at your desk, with a group or in a private room. Everything is set up for your ultimate relaxation.

Your health is your greatest asset. When you invest in your workforce, productivity will naturally grow! Benefits of an ionic foot cleanse detox are:

– Better Mental Clarity
– Increased Energy
– Joint Pain Relief
– Immediate Release of Yeast Build Up (Candida)
– Significant Reduction in Inflammation
– Removal of Eczema, Acne and Severe Skin Issues
– Major Boost in Metabolism & Weight Loss
– Renewed Digestion (Sometimes as fast as immediately after session.)
– Long Term, Preventative Health & Bodily Welfare
– Full Body Detox equates to looking & feeling AMAZING

Click here for more information about the ionic foot cleanse detox.

Corporate Self Care Package

  • Rates are $35 / 30min detox per individual (that’s $10 off!)
  • Up to four individuals can detox per 30min
  • You choose the setting – private room, group detox or at desk
  • Mineral foot soak after detox (optional) is $15 per person ($10 off in-store rate)
  • Detoxes are highly recommended post massage. If you’d like us to invite our partnering massage therapist, it’s $1/min for chair massage.
  • One FREE 30min detox for business owner / head of management.


Schedule your corporate self-care day by emailing a date and number of employees to


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