Detox Series: Diet & Nutrition

Ready to heal your body, boost your metabolism, detox your liver and increase overall mood and energy? Let’s start by evaluating the food you eat.

Your health is your greatest asset, you have got to invest in YOU – our vegan, raw food Make & Take classes are designed to get you craving the highest vibrational and colorful foods. Ya know, food that will truly serve you!

Detox Dandy is jumpstarting our Detox Series: Diet & Nutrition. How we look, feel and respond are all connected to the foods we eat. Each month we will be featuring a local vegan chef whom will share a simple yet nutritious recipe.

Learn about vegan food of all cultures, spices and unique preparation. Pampered Chef host, Catherine Wilson, is providing the kitchenware and will have catalogs available.

This month, Rebekah Ortiz from Detox Dandy will drop exclusive vegan nutritional knowledge while demonstrating this spicy, raw kale soup recipe.

If you’re into raw, seasonal, culturally inspired and flavorful recipes- this is for YOU.

Strings Bar

Facebook event page here.

Cost is $15pp and you will leave with your own latin meal, new skill/recipe, nutritional outlook and a full tummy. Kids are $7pp.

Spaces are limited. Reserve your spot by emailing
1st class: 3pm-4:30pm
2nd class: 4:30pm-6pm

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