Nutrition Programs

We offer plant based nutrition programs for clients interested in transitioning to vegetarian, vegan or would just like to incorporate more plant based foods.

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Our partnering location is Good Vibes Wellness : 233 16th St, Virginia Beach Oceanfront |  (757) 563-356 |

JUICE CLEANSE JUMPSTARTER ($45/single visit): A personalized guide with nutrient, antioxidant packed recipes to help you explore the benefits of juicing in five areas: detox, weight loss, complexion, nutrient deficiencies and inflammation.

HERBAL REMEDY CONSULTATION: ($45/single visit) Includes assessment of client’s condition in relation to diet and lifestyle. Consultation may include incorporation of herbs for mental focus, insomnia, weight loss, detox, behavioral issues and external ailments such as acne, eczema, etc.

VEGAN NUTRITION or DIETARY GUIDANCE PROGRAM: ($65/mo : 3 month commitment) Up to three consultations per month. Client receives personalized diet plan based on health and/or weight loss goals. The program is education based with a focus on an Alkaline lifestyle and mindful eating practices. Includes a weekly meal plan, recipes, grocery list, local vegan dining resources and extensive detox recommendations. Client receives a total of two 30min follow ups after initial visit.

OVERALL HEALTH & WELLNESS PROGRAM: ($125/mo : 3mo commitment) Up to three consultations per month. An integrative detox program with emphasis on both diet and bodily health. This includes the complete Vegan Nutrition or Dietary Guidance Program (full description above) as well as a Juice Cleanse Jumpstarter and a total of two 30min ionic foot cleanses per month to assist in removing toxins to promote liver function. Clients receive exclusive discounts to our partnering businesses. *This program is highly recommended for clients seeking to achieve weight loss, relieve external ailments, boost metabolism and other health goals.

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