A poem.

A Day In The Life of The Blooming Flower

Imagine waking up with morning dew to save your thirst instead of coffee.
You’re out in the sunlight away from the shade enabling you to grow purely.
Evidence is shown when you measure your stem to be much taller than yesterday.
We are growing in our relationships, our past experiences shape who we are today.
Your leaves, the lines are clearer. Revealing how much aging came near.
Oh so beautiful are your petals, mature and colors attracting.
Much beauty on the outside bringing honey bees for pollinating.
So humble you are and your pollen is fresh. Inside you is shining as well, beautifully blessed.
You absorb great things, stay in the light. Even in your sleep the darkness is at fright.
You continue to prune as it’s God’s purpose for you.
Your wonderful acts of kindness strengthen your petals, to bloom.
The soil of your heart is fertile allowing you to grow.
When you whither away in the winter you’ll live your life in Heaven, looking down on your generations below.

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