Is the accumulation of fluid in between the cell of soft tissue. Swelling often occurs in the face, arms, neck, legs and ankles. Sometimes it is a sign of gluten intolerance. It is an indicator of a profound illness such as liver related problems, congestive heart failure and diabetes. Fluid retention may also be related to allergies.

Nutrients: B-complex vitamins, free form amino acid, kelp (minerals), potassium (needed if using diuretics), bromelain (enzyme from pineapples for digestion)

Herbs: garlic (detoxifier), alfalfa (minerals and chlorophyll), hawthorn berries, juniper, uva ursi (diuretics), rosehips (bioflavonoids)

Source: (Balch, Phyllis A. Rescription For Nutritional Healing. 5th ed. N.p.: Avery, 2010. Print.)

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