Nutrients: vitamin A, C, E of which is needed for healing of tissues and improved breathing, zinc, B-complex

Enzymes: Coenzyme Q10 for improved circulation and breathing, proteolytic enzymes to reduce inflammation

Chlorophyll: found in wheatgrass juice and KyoGreen to keep tissues free of toxic substances

Garlic: natural antibiotic to reduce infection and detox the body

Supplements: magnesium and calcium

Herbs: gingseng, chickweed, elderberry, gingko biloba, lobelia, mullein

Soothe your throat and cough: slippery elm bark and wild cherry bark tea

Clear congestion and reduce inflammation: cayenne, mullein, peppermint, ginger

Build immune system: echinacea, licorice, gingseng

  1. Drink plenty of fluids, herbal tea and soup with lots of garlic and onions
  2. Use humidifier, vaporizer, hot bath
  3. Get lots of rest
  4. Blow up balloons to aid in recovery
  5. Don’t swallow mucus
  6. Avoid mucus forming foods: dairy, sugar, sweet fruits, flour
  7. Do not smoke and avoid polluted areas
  8. Use a heating pad and/or aromatic pouch with a cooling herb (eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon)


Source: (Balch, Phyllis A. Prescription For Nutritional Healing. 5th ed. N.p.: Avery, 2010. Print.)

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