Herbal remedies to alleviate anxiety:

  • Increase magnesium intake via supplements or topical form such as mineral salt, dead sea salt, epsom salt.
  • Chinese suction cup therapy (5 minutes equates to 30 minutes of deep tissue massage), acupuncture, and/or massages for ultimate tension relief.
  • Take on mindfulness practices.
    • Repeat positive affirmations whenever you doubt yourself.
    • Begin a morning stretches, deep breathing and meditation routine to ease your tension, embrace life more openly and think clearly.
    • Exercise more. A workout schedule will not only improve your physiological attribute but will also benefit your mental mindset. The rush of endorphins throughout your body will send happy signals to your brain.
    • Be outside – learn to love to be outdoors. Read a book, do your work, go for a hike, walk around small stores and cafes within your community, smile, let go of modern day worries, let in happiness and thankfulness.
    • Start a gratitude journal. Everyday morning, afternoon or night reflect on the joys of living life abundantly which will in turn help you appreciate everyday more and more.
    • Take a nice long afternoon night. Avoid distractions. No technology, close curtains remove any bright lights and focus on your breathing until you fall into a deep sleep.
  • Introduce aromatherapy into your daily routine:
    • Invest in a natural diffuser to diffuse essential oils such as sandalwood (relaxation), lavender (mood uplifter), rosemary (invigoration), citrus (energy) and cinnamon (warming)
    • Take mineral salt baths with Detox Dandy’s Rosemary & Lavender Calming blend.
    • Scrub with soothing soaps. Cinnamon Coconut, Cedarwood Warmth, Soothing Sandalwood and Luscious Lavender are just a few of the most relaxing soaps provided by Detox Dandy.
    • Light chakra candles.
    • Use aromatic pouches: eucalyptus (awareness & stimulation), lavender (mood uplifter), cedarwood (calmer) and more.
    • Drink therapeutic tea blends: chamomile will help with sleep and muscle relaxation. See ‘Insomnia‘ for similar blends.

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