Signs of anemia are clear: loss of breath, blurred vision, fatigue, loss of appetite and cold hands. You need to increase your iron intake however do not overdose as it will cause severe constipation.

Herbs to take are alfalfa, biberry, cherry, dandelion, goldenseal, grapeskins, hawthornberry, nettle and dark green leafy greens.

You may also take one tablespoon of black molasses which is high in iron and essential B vitamins.

Folic acid with biotin for red blood cell formation.

B-12 injections as prescribed by a physician for red blood cell production.

Herbal remedies: do a full day juice cleanse with leafy greens such as collards, rainbow chard, dandelion, spinach and add carrots for a sweet/less bitter taste.

Other ways to fight anemia:

  • Increase circulation throughout the body. Try Chinese suction cup therapy, acupuncture or even a massage.
  • Take an epsom salt bath (dissolve a mineral salt blend in warm/hot water.)
  • Eat more apples! 2-3 organic apples may fulfill your daily iron requirement.



Sources: (Balch, Phyllis A. Prescription For Nutritional Healing. 5th ed. N.p.: Avery, 2010. Print.)

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