Acne may be present due to a number of ailments such as a hormonal imbalance, daily toxin exposures, a sign of an internal deficiency or excess, and more.

Discovering the root cause can help you make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle accordingly to remove blemishes completely.

To clear your skin and guarantee an acne free complexion within days, and for some within hours, try the following tips and remedies:

  • Increase circulation by washing your face with cold water
  • Take magnesium supplements to ensure that it isn’t a deficiency
  • Wash your face with bentonite clay, dead sea salt, mineral salt blends  that include epsom salt and the best essential oil skin cleansers Rosemary and Primrose
  • Remove any toxic products from your facial cleansing routine. This includes: make up and removers, skin irritating/fragrant bearing skin cleansers as well as moisturizing products
  • Stay hydrated with water and an alkalizing essential oil such as lemon, citrus or grapefruit
  • Only use coconut oil (anti-bacterial), jojoba oil (high in Vitamin E) or chamomile oil (keeps toxins out) as a moisturizer. Use sparingly, a few drops should be enough.

Read this article by I Love Vitamin on Where Your Acne Is And What It Is Causing It.

Remedy for Painful Cystic Acne: Blend cucumber and aloe vera, add this mixture to the target areas for 15 minutes. These are cooling herbs and will fight back any heat and inflammation build up.

Other Remedies:

  • Drink dandelion tea twice a day for three days or longer. This herb is a strong detoxer and can rid your body of any toxins that are causing internal problems that may carry over in your complexion. Increase your intake of toxin fighting foods like carrots, beets, cabbage as well as high probiotic foods like sauerkraut.
  • Aloe vera gel heal minor skin wounds from acne as well is effective against many bacteria and fungi.
  • Use Detox Dandy’s facial cleanser mineral blend that contains a mixture of Rosemary essential oil and mineral salt
  • Take Vitamin A and Vitamin B6 (or B-complex) in the case of a deficiency
  • A drop of Tea Tree essential oil mixed in warm water, with the addition of dissolved epsom salt works as an anti-microbial.

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