About | Detox Dandy is a fully integrative business offering plant based wellness programs, herbal spa therapy as well as detox treatments for overall health and weight loss. Our name stems from the commonly known and highly detoxifying herb: the dandelion. Detoxification is a lifestyle and active process from our mind, body, environment and relationships. … Continue reading About

Plant Based Wellness

Our Overall Health & Wellness Program is a fully integrative virtual course focused on both diet and bodily health. It takes you through an extensive journey of plant based wellness, the alkaline lifestyle, mindfulness practices, alternative therapies, full body cleansing and holistic health that will transform your life.

Plant Based Wellness & Herbal Healing Retreat

An on-going educational series to promote improved choices that benefit our health and environment.  Have you ever wondered about the medicinal properties of the herbs we grow and how they can be used to build your immune system, clear skin issues, fight inflammation, promote fertility and provide overall detoxification of the body? Our Plant Based … Continue reading Plant Based Wellness & Herbal Healing Retreat

Membership Plans

Detox Dandy offers two membership plans:   Dandy Wellness Member -- an exclusive Facebook support group accessible to anyone enrolled in our Overall Health & Wellness Program virtual course. Receive on-going encouragement, gain access to personalized resources and stay on track with your wellness goals.  Member benefits include LIVE videos with Rebekah of Detox Dandy … Continue reading Membership Plans

Holistic Parenting & Herbal Gathering

Back in April of 2019, Rebekah of Detox Dandy was expecting a precious Vegan boy, Oliver James Martinez. In conjunction with his baby shower - we organized an event to celebrate ALL current, expecting and future parents! The Holistic Parenting & Herbal Gathering is now an annual Spring event providing free resources and community building activities for … Continue reading Holistic Parenting & Herbal Gathering

Detox Spa Services

Detoxification is a process of eliminating toxins and bodily waste that are harmful to your health. It is the first step in working towards a renewed lifestyle. The next step is restoring your body with proper nourishment through your diet, a positive mindset, a cleansed environment and strong relationships. Our website provides educational resources on mindful living, herbalism and … Continue reading Detox Spa Services